Boys around computer-compressed

The MHPSS Network has a brand new website. Here are 10 simple ways to make the most of the new features that have been added:

1. Use the blue navigation bar on the left-hand side of the homepage (where it says ‘about’, ‘activity’, ‘groups’ etc) and click on the tabs to see where they take you. It’s that simple!

2. Use the blue navigation bar on the top right-hand corner of the homepage (where it says ‘notifications’, ‘my account’ etc) and try out the tabs. This is where you can quickly access you account, activity feeds etc.

3. Edit your profile: find ‘my account’ (on the top right-hand navigation bar) and then edit your profile and add a photo (remember to add your location too!)

4. Join some groups. Simply click on ‘groups’ (on the blue navigation bar on the left) and scan the directory.

5. Connect or follow: see who you know and get in touch. Or find people you’d like to contact – just click on the ‘connect’ tab next to their profile. You can also follow network members to keep up with what they are doing – just click on the ‘follow’ tab next to their picture.

6. Need documents? Take a look at ‘Popular Resources’ on the homepage and see what people are using. Or do a more comprehensive search in the ‘Resources’ tab.

7. Check out our News. This is where any vacancies are advertised, training and events are detailed, plus calls for papers, etc

8. Upload documents. Have you got stuff to share? Upload it to a group you have joined, and share it with the Network.

9. Invite your friends to join the Network. There’s a box on the homepage to send invitations.

10. Having problems? Contact a Regional Host and we will help you.