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4.1. Inviting Members

You can send invitations 1) to non members to join the site or 2) to existing members to join a particular group where you are already a member.

Inviting to Join the Network

Step 1: Invite a new member to join the network, by going to ‘My Account’>’Send Invites’>’Invite New Members’, which you will find in the sub navigation bar within your account.. Follow the instructions.

Step 2: You can include an invitation to join all or some of the groups in which you are a member. Simply select the check boxes next to the group from the list of groups given under section 4 in the form, ‘select some groups’. Then the invitee will receive invitations to the group when they join the site.

Step 3: OR you can invite anyone to join the network by entering their email addresses in the text box located on the bottom right of the logged in home page. When you click on ‘continue’ it will take you to the Invite New Members page above. You can invite only 30 people at a time.

Step 4: All invitations you send to new members to join the network will be displayed under ‘My Account> Send Invites> Sent Invites’.

Inviting to Join a Group

You can invite a member to Public, Private and Hidden groups, as long as you are a member of that group.

Step 1: Go to the group to which you want to invite other members. Click on ‘Send Invites’ tab on the sub-navigation bar below the group image. You can either search for members to invite or select them from the directory.

Step 2: Then click ‘Send Invites’. The invitee will be notified of these invites by email.

Step 3: If you need to invite to the group someone who is not yet a member of the network, click on the link ‘send invitations by email’ (see screenshot above) and you will be taken to the page where you can invite a non-member to join the network.

At the bottom of the page, you will see that the group to which you wanted your colleague to join has automatically been selected. The invitee will now receive an invitation to join the Network, and once joined, will receive the group invitations.

Accepting Invitations

Step 1: You will receive invitations to join from another member by email. Either follow the link in your mail box or click on the invitation on your ‘Notifications’ tab on the top right, and accept/ decline the invitation.

Step 2: In order for the invitation to appear in your Notifications, go to ‘My Account’> ’Settings’> ’Notifications’> and select ‘a member invites you to join a group’ option under Groups.

4.2. Searching for Members

Step 1: Results for the search are displayed below the map. Go to the Members page where you’ll see a search box. You can use the ‘search’ button or the ‘Advanced Search’ form. You will get a number of search criteria by which you can search for members. You can select all or any of the fields.

Step 2: OR type the name or any other key word into the ‘search members’ text box on the Members page.

Step 3: OR if you are on another page, type the name or any other key word into the google search box.

4.3. Viewing Members

Step 1: You can view members sorted by ‘alphabetical order‘, ‘newest registered’ or ‘last active’.

Step 2: You can also see the members who are currently online on the bottom of the right hand side column on any page, under ‘Who’s Online’.

Step 3: On the sub-navigation bar on your profile, you will also see your ‘connections’.

Step 4: You can find network members through the maps displayed on the Home Page and the Members Page, by clicking on the coloured circles, which indicates the number of members located in that particular location. When you click on the circles, it will zoom in to show you the members in that particular region/country and their exact locations. Clicking on the ‘Find Network Members’ on the top right hand side of the Home Page will also take you to this Members Map. Please note that only those who have agreed to share their location is displayed on the map.

4.4. Connecting with Members

Step 1: My Connections – you can connect with any member by clicking on the ‘Add Connection’ tab next to the member’s profile image. When you click this tab an email notification will be sent to that member with your request to connect. S/He will need to ‘accept’ your request to make a connection with her/him. By connecting with a member you see profile data that is not public and you can find out what people are saying in the network from ‘Activity’>’My Connections’. This helps in sorting important information from the entire activity stream. It also works as a networking service.

Step 2: You will see your ‘connections’ on the sub-navigation bar on your profile page. You can access your connections also through ‘My Account’>’Connections’.

Step 3: To enable email notifications of connection requests, go to ‘My Account’> ‘Settings’> ‘Notifications’> select the relevant option under Connections.

Step 4: The ‘Notifications’ tab (on the top right corner of any page near ‘My Account’ tab) shows requests for connections. When you click on it, you will be taken to the page where you can accept or reject the request for connections.

4.5. Sending Messages

Step 1: Go to ‘My Account’>’Messages’> where you will see 3 options – ‘Inbox’, ‘Sent Messages’ and ‘Compose Messages’. You can access these through your profile as well via the Message tab on the sub-navigation bar beneath your profile image.

Step 2: Inbox – messages from members and Regional/Network Hosts are here. You can open them by clicking on the title of the message.

Step 3: You can reply to the message by typing your message in the ‘Send a Reply’ box at the end of the message. All the replies will be displayed in chronological order.

Step 4: Delete a message by clicking the check box next to the message title and click the box next to it marked ‘x’. You can delete several or all messages at the same time by selecting the relevant messages and clicking  ‘delete selected’ at the bottom right.

Step 5: You can select ‘read’, ‘unread’ or ‘all’ messages to be deleted using the drop down menu at the bottom. You can mark messages as ‘read’, or ‘unread’ to be read later by selecting them and clicking on ‘Mark as Read’ or ‘Mark as Unread’ at the bottom right.

Step 6: When you receive a message, you will receive an email notification if you have selected this option under ‘My Account> Settings> Notifications> Messages’. These messages will also be indicated in the ‘Notifications’ tab on the top right corner of any page near ‘My Account’ tab.

Step 7: Sent Messages – All the messages that you have sent to other members can be found here. View them by clicking on the title of the message, and delete it by selecting the check box next to it. You can select ‘read’, ‘unread’ or ‘all’ messages to be deleted using the drop down menu at the bottom.

Step 8: Compose – You can use this option to send messages to members. You can send messages to anyone in the network. You can add as many recipients as you like to the ‘Send To’ box. Type the message and the subject, and click ‘Send Message’.

Step 9: OR find the network member that you would like to contact and use the tab ‘Private Messages’ (next to their profile image) to send them messages.