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3.1. Types of Resources

You can upload documents such as word files, PDF files, power point presentations and photos. Maximum file size is 5 MB. You can also view and download these resources, depending on the permission settings applied to them. For instance, some resources will be accessible only to members of a particular group. Once you have read them, take some time to rate or review them so that others can find them to be useful. You can also add one or more keywords to a resource to help others find it more easily. Read more about these options below.

3.2. Adding Resources

You can currently add documents (word, excel, powerpoints, PDF) and photos. Videos and images can be uploaded as well. Please abide by our community rules for posting videos. mhpss.net reserves the right to remove images and videos that violate these rules. Links to videos can be posted to groups or profile, and the video will then be accessible/viewable on the site.

Step 1: Go to the group where you want to upload the resource. Click on the ‘Resources’ button on the sub-navigation bar underneath the group image.

Step 2: Click on ‘Upload Resources’ tab below the sub navigation bar, follow the instructions and upload the document.

Step 3: You can set the resource as recommended in the group by selecting ‘recommended resource’. You can also add your resource to other groups by selecting them from the list.

Step 4: Select from the list of the keywords, those keywords which describe your resource in the best way. Other members can also add keywords to resources you have uploaded. Each resource can have up to 8 keywords.

Step 5: Click ‘upload’

3.3. Creating An Editable Document

A google document can be edited by members who have shared access. Create a google document by following the steps below:

Step 1: Create a google account by following the steps on www.google.com

Step 2: Click on ‘Documents>Create New’ and select the type of document you would like to create.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Share’ tab at the top right and add the email addresses of the people with whom you want to share the document. You can select whether they view and/or edit.

Step 4: Copy-paste the link of the document with the relevant members either via a site message or via a status update on your profile or via the relevant group.

3.4. Editing Resources

Step 1: Go to the group to which the document has been uploaded to and click on ‘resources’ in the sub-navigation bar.

Step 2: You can edit the document details (title, description, keywords etc) using the links provided. However, you can edit only the documents you have uploaded. You can edit any document in the group if you are the group admin.

3.5. Searching for Resources

Step 1: Go to the Resources page and search for the resource you need. You can do this by entering the keyword(s)you are looking for or the title of the resource in the search box provided. The search will look in both the title and description.

Step 2: You can also order the results by ‘newest’ or ‘alphabetical’.

Using the google search box on the site will result in a search of the entire site and therefore the results will include more than the resources. You can select which areas of the site to look in by clicking on the cog located next to the search box.

3.6. Viewing Resources

Step 1: On the Resources page, resources can be viewed, sorted either by ‘newest’ or ‘alphabetical’ order.

Step 2: If you want to view documents that belong to a particular group, click on the relevant group from the list shown on the right hand side of the Resources page.

Please note: Private Groups and Hidden Groups will only be displayed if you are a member.

Step 3: Resources can also be viewed via the ‘Groups’ pages. Go to the relevant group, click on ‘Resources’ on the sub-navigation bar below the group image.

Step 4: Here, you can sort the documents either by ‘newest’, ‘alphabetical’ or ‘Most Popular’.

3.7. Sharing Resources

Sharing Resource Between Groups

You can share resources you have uploaded to other groups to which you belong by clicking on those groups from the list provided, at the time of uploading or editing a resource. 

Sharing resources via FB, Twitter, Outlook and more!

You can share the link to a resource by clicking on the ‘share’ button below and selecting the appropriate application through which you want to share the resource.

Activity streams mentioning resources can be shared subject to permissions, using the ‘share’ button as well.  However, it would be essential to be a member and log in, in order to access the resource.

3.8. Rating and Commenting on Resources

Rating Resources

You can rate resources that you upload, have read or used in your work by hovering over the stars in the navigation bar.

Step 1: Click on the resource you want to rate.

Step 2: Hover over the stars in the navigation bar and click when the number of stars you want to select are highlighted. .

Commenting on Resources

You can comment on resources by going to the group in which the resource is located and clicking on the ‘comment’ link below the title and description of the resource.

Comments can also be made on the activity feeds mentioning resources.

3.9. Removing Resources

You can delete resources using the links next to the resource link. You can delete only if the resource was uploaded by you, or you are a Group Host. If you think a resource uploaded by another member should be removed, please contact the relevant member or the Group Host.