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Assistant psychologist/ Researcher/ Volunteer in Uganda

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* Psychology Graduate from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh *Assistant Psychologist with NHS Lothian.
* Research: Complex trauma, PTSD, interpersonal psychotherapy in Uganda (mainly child/adolescent orphans and street children)
* Volunteer: Raising up hope for Uganda

After volunteering in Uganda with orphans and street children that had suffered severe trauma (many of whom having fled the conflict in northern Uganda) my dissertation research paper was "An exploration into the use of Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) for adolescent orphans with complex trauma in Uganda". The study took a predominantly qualitative stance through conducting interviews with orphanage caregivers, Ugandan interpersonal psychotherapists and researchers who have adapted IPT for use with adults with depression in Uganda. The quantitative aspect of the study explored the prevalence of the symptoms of PTSD amongst the children as understood by themselves/ orphanage caregivers. 

Currently organising a Phd project to initially establish a comprehensive understanding of the local conceptualisations of the symptoms of trauma before formulating an appropriate diagnostic tool based on this component of the study focusing on trauma. Subsequently, an adaptation of group IPT for this population of adolescent orphans focusing on the symptoms discovered will be formulated. Orphanage caregivers will then be trained in implementing this manual through a series of didactic work shops before field trials will begin using the specifically developed diagnostic tools as baseline and outcome measures. 

Please get in touch for more information I'd be more than happy to discuss anything in more detail and always happy to hear others opinions/ advice, it's much appreciated!
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