• A community-oriented assessment
    Geneva 2001

    This Tool for the Rapid Assessment of Mental Health Needs of Refugees, Displaced and Other Populations Affected by Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations and Available Resources (RAMH) is intended to be used by mental health professionals, non-mental health personnel, and others involved in mental and psychosocial community support. Since in any conflict or post-conflict situation, the community and health workers are among the first level of contact with forcibly displaced people, they need a basic tool to help them assess mental health needs in emergency situations.

    The information collected through use of this tool will serve to set up immediate and longer-term community-based mental health programmes. Close collaboration with mental health professionals is necessary, when they are available. This will help in project design and capacity building, which will include training, establishment of services, ongoing supervision, monitoring and evaluation, care for chronic psychiatric clients, for traumatized persons, and for psychosocial rehabilitation of the community/ties concerned.

    The RAMH tool can be used immediately in emergencies; at least one mental health professional should be included in the RAMH team.

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