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Grace Onyango

About me

I am a Counseling Psychologist based in Uganda and currently a visiting Staff Counselor for the Inter-Church Organization for Development Co-operation in Kampala and Global Woods Organization Kiboga Uganda. I am an independent consultant on child protection and psychosocial support issues. I am a board member of the Regional Psychosocial Support Initiatives (REPSSI) in East Africa
I formerly worked for World Vision as a Psychosocial Specialist particularly focusing on Former Child Soldiers projects in northern Uganda; and also oversaw the mental health intervention for HIV/AIDS affected pesons’projects in south/western Uganda. I also regularly peer review articles for the Intervention Journal.
Special assignments I have carried out have included but are not limited to: training as a critical incident respondent and was part of World Vision assessment team that was involved in assessing needs of staff working in the Dec. 2004 Tsunami hit areas of Pukhet in Thailand; Heading a Psychosocial support team to World Vision Democratic Republic of Congo following siege of staff by fighting rival forces; researching and authoring a study on the Mental Health of Children living in conflict areas, conducted in Gulu, N. Uganda by Boston University, World Vision International and War Child Holland; and coordinating the organization of 2 workshops on Girl Mothers in Gulu bringing together formerly abducted girls from 7 districts to talk about issues affecting them and their children including the sexual violence experienced in the bush and in the community upon return.


Kampala, Uganda