• A new manual of psychosocial skills developed by Terre des hommes (Tdh) gives answers to urgent questions: what are the necessary skills for professionals working with children? How to strengthen and evaluate them? A document with 14 key skills and their indicators for an efficient monitoring and evaluation. 18 training modules to reinforce the personal, [...]

    • Thanks Maria Bray
      may i ask you about life skills manual do you have any life skills manual if you have please share with me

      Thanks looking positive response

    • Dear Tassawar Ali Rana,

      Within the ”Tdh Psychosocial skills manual ” you have a part concerning personal competencies and another one referring to social conmèetencies. These competencies are very similar to what we usually call ” life skills manual”.
      You can download the Tdh ”Psychosocial skills manual ” on Tdh web site; http://www.tdh.ch/en/documents/manual-of-psychosocial-skills

      Hope this is useful for you.

      best regards